Math teacher measures out desserts for students, teachers

Hayden Hemphill, Managing editor

Ever wonder what teachers do in their free time?

When math teacher Jodie Kinkaid isn’t grading tests and writing lesson plans, she whips it up in the kitchen.

Kinkaid has been a teacher at Broughton for ten years.

She teaches Advanced Functions and Modeling and Common Core I.

Decorated cut out cookies and cake with lots of icing are her forte.

Kinkaid first began baking with her mother when she was young because they always made Christmas cookies together.

Her culinary talent then developed into a regular hobby and she now bakes whenever she has time or for any special occasion.

Everyone can enjoy her baked goods because she usually brings them to school to share with students and teachers, as she does not keep any in her house.

Being a math teacher, Kinkaid’s favorite thing about baking is the precision and measuring that it involves.

She loves learning new tips and recipes from watching Giada DiLaurentis because DiLaurentis does new takes on classics.
Her favorite dessert to bakeis white chocolate raspberry cheesecake.

Hoping to help Broughton have more school spirit, Kinkaid began baking and decorating football jersey cookies for the football team. It added recognition to the team, providing and helping Homecoming become more spirited.

She plans to continue baking and teaching to make Broughton a better place.

“When you enjoy something, you always make time.” Kinkaid said.

It means that not all teachers spent their time locked in the classroom as Kinkaid’s passion for baking begins athome.