Does the 21st century court chivalry?

Will Levine and Jayla Cardin, Reporters

February 9, 2018

Chivalry is alive by Will Levine Chivalry, a word originally describing a code of honor for knights, was an idea first developed by the French during the Middle Ages. The qualities expected of a chivalrous knight were courage, honor, and readiness to help the weak. Almost a thousand years later, society, like it so often does, has taken this word and beaten the old definition into irrelevance. Society has essentially ...

In State vs. Out of State?

Reed Proctor and Ford Hester, Reporter and Photo Editor

February 23, 2017

In State College. For many of us the mere mention of this topic causes a brisk sweat, a spinning of vision, or even the classic open-mouth, blank stare.    This decision we are told will pave the path of our future.   In reality, there is no perfect decision. A person can go to the highest ranked college for a high profit degree and end up feeling discontent and misplaced.   A way to avoid this is...

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