Rent a chicken


Rented chickens frolic around their coop provided by Rent the Chicken in California.

Katherine Powell, Reporter

The recent uprising in egg prices has led many people to search for a new way to access affordable eggs. Inflation has caused many food prices to rise significantly over the past few months, one food in particular being eggs. However, inflation isn’t the only reason egg prices remain so high. An avian flu has struck chicken farmers, affecting over  58 million chickens. At the beginning of Dec. 2022, egg prices were at an all time high. The median cost of a  carton of eggs was $4.25, which is more than double the price of a carton of eggs the previous year, which was $1.78. Rent the Chicken has ended many Americans’ tireless search for affordable eggs.

Rent The Chicken is a program that allows people to rent chickens, and collect fresh eggs right from their backyard. Reservations are placed over the phone or on the Rent The Chicken website. On the selected date Rent The Chicken will deliver a chicken coop, two to four egg laying hens, chicken feed, food and water dishes, instructions on how to keep your chickens happy, as well as a chicken keeping book. Chickens are expected to begin laying eggs within two days of their arrival, and the eggs will be ready to use as soon as they are laid.

Chicken adoption is an option as well. After renting your chickens, if you realize that you have fallen in love and raising chickens is your calling, you can adopt the chickens and all of their supplies. When nearing the end of your rental period, you have the options to renew your rental and rent the chickens for another season.  If renting the chickens was more of a one time thing for you, however, you can select a date near the end of your rental period for Rent the Chicken employees to pick up the chickens and send them to a new home.