Emma Chamberlain’s evolution to becoming successful


Emma Chamberlain as the face of the fall-winter 2021 shoe collection of Louis Vuitton, photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Leeanne Pacheco, Reporter

   The media has always been obsessed with Emma Chamberlain. For those who don’t know her, she is a YouTuber and influencer who creates relatable content. Her videos have drawn a large number of viewers since she began and has progressed to become one of the most outstanding content creators. In the upcoming years, Chamberlain has influenced a new style of editing, along with other entertaining content. What made her entertaining and how does she stand today?

   In July of 2017 in her junior year of high school, Emma began her first YouTube channel. Her channel took a slow start until she posted a Dollar Tree haul that went viral, leading other Youtubers to tag along in the trend. 

   During the span of two years, she gained eight million subscribers on Youtube. As she posted more vlogs, Emma’s personality and relatable content videos entertained the media. She brought a new editing style, such as jump-cuts, zoom-ins, and distorted filters, which brought comedy and humor to her videos. After Emma introduced this style of editing, it gained popularity amongst YouTubers. Although this style of editing was entertaining for the viewers, the duration of the editing process for Emma took up to 20-30 hours per video. The extended hours of editing caused her vision to deteriorate over time. The exhausting hours of editing eventually took a mental and physical toll on her. In an episode of her podcast series, Anything Goes With Emma Chamberlain, she stated “The pressure to be a weekly YouTuber, 365 days a year, is unrealistic, yet it’s the standard. It is the standard that YouTubers hold themselves to, but yet it is an impossible thing to keep up mentally,”.  

   Emma is also known for her influence on the 2017 trends including teddy jackets, scrunchies, plaid pants, Doc Martens, and flared yoga pants before they became popular. Even after posting on Instagram Emma would receive loads of comments from fans asking her to show people what clothes to wear. In a YouTube video What I’m Wearing This Summer, she posted in order for her fans to watch and get inspiration from her outfits. To this day people ages 13-23 depend on Emma’s unique fashion style. Her social media acts as an inspiration to her followers.

   Although Emma has influenced a variety of things, she is best known for loving to thrift. She has many YouTube videos of thrifting hauls. That resulted in the popularity of second-hand shopping and normalized thrifting for people.

   Emma had a successful year in 2020 when she launched her own coffee company, Chamberlain Coffee because of the passion she has for coffee. Chamberlain quoted found on her Chamberlain coffee website “Ever since I was probably way too young to be drinking it, coffee has been a huge part of my life and routine. So much so that I want to share it with the world. But done in a way that I feel is right.” The launch reached thousands of customers worldwide, and products sold out within hours of going on sale. 

  Despite her hard work paying off, Chamberlain has recently been posting less content on her YouTube channel, while traveling and posting on Instagram as a way of prioritizing her mental health.