QOH assembly- out of this world


  From the search for the Queen of Hearts and her Maid of Honor to the defeat of Darth Vader, the annual QOH assembly proved once more that BHS has got talent.

 This year’s theme of Star Wars was intergalactic hit. The class of 2016 decorated the gym in accordance with the theme and it was, indeed, out of this world.

  The skit saw Star Wars’ characters band together to rescue the Queen of Hearts from Darth Vader’s clutches. The senior cast put on an oscar-worthy performance lead by Ella Webster (Princess Leia), Blaise Waters (Luke Skywalker), Justin Thomas (Han Solo), JD Allen (Chewbaca), and Syd Spampinado (Maisie).

  “Being in the skit was so fun. I really enjoyed starring as Princess Leia. I’ve never acted in anything like that before,” Ella Webster said.

  The ladies and gentlemen of the court dazzled as they walked the red carpet. The Maid of Honor, Logan Francis, stunned in a red gown. O’Shaela Wilkins-Peebles, this year’s Queen of Hearts, received the traditional standing ovation as the entire school watched her procession.

  Many students’ favorite aspect of the assembly is the entertainment, and this year’s lineup didn’t let down any expectations. Entertainers included band “the Stay Homes” (Jack Jurney, Isaiah Moore and Romeo Schneider), “Fourth by the Eighth” (Margaret Chapman, Samantha Maness, Emmy Trowell, Emma Verdi), Katie Watson, Katherine Corsetti, Kevin Flores with Jose Solis, Skylar Fishar with Waylon Harper, the Dance Team (Logan Francis, Stewart Morse, Hannah Schafer, AnnaRae Wood, Mary Milo Woodley, and special guests), “JABOB” (Julian Baneth, Cameron Champion, Sam Huntley, John Kelly, Lee Sullivan), Jon Copes, Cameron Champion with Garris Stokes, Alexis Santos Gonzalez, Taliesin Auten with Justin Dorner- Thomas, Lydia Seifert with Jeremiah Ige, “The Doogouts” (Austin Bell, Chris Haugh, Hardy Hogan, and Garris Stokes), and Isaiah and the One Man Band.

  Students are excited for the dance tomorrow evening, Saturday, February 6, from 9-12 pm.