Art show for Aziza’s Place


Keegan Quirk, Reporter

The Broughton Art program hosted an Art show on Friday, October 10 at ArtSource Gallery. The art pieces were previewed during the day, and a silent auction was held that night. The art was auctioned off to raise money for Aziza’s Place, a charity changing the lives of children in Cambodia. Aziza’s Place is a place where malnourished and poor children from Cambodia can come receive food, clothing, education and most importantly a safe shelter.

37 Broughton Artist created art pieces for the art show. These student worked hard to prepare for the art show.

“Preparing the artwork knowing that it would be in an art show made it really fun to make” junior Artist Ella Gilliam said.

30 art pieces were put on show Friday night. These art pieces focused on the theme of Global Marketplace. Students were assigned an art project based on a specific culture. Students were asked to consider the history and societal influences when creating their work of pottery. These pieces of pottery were created specifically to raise money for Aziza’s place.

At the show, there were many active bidders. At the end of the night, the Broughton Art program had raised just around 1,000 dollars.

“It was great to see Broughton students that are not involved in art show up and support fellow Broughton Artist” said Gilliam.

With all of the money raised from the show Aziza’s place will be able to support more malnourished children. Aziza’s Place plans to use 250 dollars a month to fully support one child. The 250 dollars will cover the child’s food, clothing and much more.

“The show was well attended” Science teacher Laura Woods said. “The art was of such high quality. I was ecstatic to be able to purchase a plate Mr. DiarBakerli’s had created,” Woods said.

Overall the show was a huge success and the Broughton Art students should be proud of all of the work put in for the show.