Chubby’s Tacos Restaurant Review


   Taking a lunch trip to Chubbys was a very good idea on our part. It took us about 10 minutes to get there from Broughton, which sadly is too long to go on a normal day of lunch. We arrived and looked at the menu while we waited in the small line of people. Jackson ordered a burrito with ground beef, beans, cheese, and rice, while John Michael got the two baja fish tacos.

  We went to the drink fountain and found a very diverse set of different types of soft drinks. We filled our drink cups with Cheerwine and got ourselves a table, which was easy after they renovated their restaurant and opened up a bar. In the last few months Chubby’s has taken over the adjacent Subway location and turned it into more sitting room and a bar area.

  We got our food fairly quickly and started eating. Jackson’s beef-cheese-bean burrito was a huge. It was filling and easily worth the $5.

  John Michael had two baja fish tacos, one soft shell and one hard shell. They were both very tasty with some fried fish, slaw, and a special baja sauce. Between the soft and hard shell, the soft was better because and didn’t fall apart as easily as the hard shell.

  The only downfall of the restaurant was the location. Broughton students cannot drive to Chubbys and get back in time for the next class during our 35 minute lunch, but it is a great location for an after school meal.

  Chubby’s is located in Lake Boone shopping center near Food Lion and Village Deli. The full menu includes a range of typical mexican foods especially tacos, burritos, chips, and salsa. Though Chubby’s doesn’t have a website, their full menu can be viewed on

  We rate this restaurant a 9/10 and suggest it for anyone who likes quality, authentic Mexican food at a great price.