Play 4 Kay

   On Tuesday, January 30, the Women’s basketball team will be playing in a Play4Kay game against Leesville high school at five o’clock in the Holliday gym. The game has been designated a pink out and all of the profits from the t-shirt sales, wristbands, and donations will go to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund.

  The Play4Kay foundation was founded in 2007 and is dedicated to Kay Yow, the former women’s basketball coach from NC State who coached the team from 1975 to 2009. She battled breast cancer three times. January 24th, 2009, she died from stage four breast cancer after her third battle. Many of her basketball players and other people that adored her decided to create the Kay Yow Cancer fund.

  In honor of Kay Yow, the Broughton women’s basketball team is doing a Play4Kay game, to honor cancer survivors.  All proceeds from t-shirt and wristband sales will go to the Play4Kay foundation to further cancer research.

  The game will start at 5:00 on January 30 and will honor cancer survivors at halftime of the girl’s game.  There will also be prize giveaways if students are in attendance before the halftime festivities. If students donate at least one dollar to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund, they will get a ticket and have a chance to win a Queen of Hearts ticket or a Chick-fil-a gift card. One dollar would give the student one ticket, five dollars would give the student seven tickets, and a ten dollar donation would give the student fifteen tickets. To have a chance at these prizes, students will have to show up before halftime of the women’s basketball game.

  Sports and Entertainment Marketing teacher Lisa Patterson is in charge of the game and is the reason why this game is happening.

  “I got interested in the Play4Game game because I am a lifelong North Carolina State fan. I played basketball growing up.  Kay Yow was a pioneer in issuing in Title IX which made sports opportunities for girls equal to those offered to boys. I appreciate what she did in regards for Title IX, which is why girls have that opportunity to play basketball today. People like Coach Yow are the reason why I started playing basketball,” Patterson said.

  Patterson was then asked what she wants to happen with the Play4Kay game.

  “I would love for a gym full of people wearing pink and for everyone to be there to honor the survivors. When i found out I was teaching sports marketing in the summer, I was very excited because I knew I could do this game and relate it to the curriculum. It became even more important for this game to happen in November because my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thanks to the research from the Kay Yow Cancer Fund, her surgery went well and everything went great,” Patterson said.

  There will be pink t-shirts and pink wristbands to purchase to show your support   Donations for the Kay Yow Cancer Fund will also be accepted at the game. Wristbands will be one dollar and the t-shirts will be ten dollars. All of the funds will go to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund.

  Showing support for this event would impact the Broughton community and help those fighting cancer.  Together students can help fight the disease and make a difference in so many ways.