Apply to the Hi-Times

  The Hi-Times is looking for new staff members for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year. Applications can be found outside of room 1310 and are due to Mrs. Winzeler by Thursday, February 15.

  Being on the staff is a great way for students to expand their writing skills or improve them. Prior experience isn’t necessary, and all rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors are welcome to apply.

  “The Hi-Times really helped my writing and helped me to learn how to write with more detail while keeping things concise,” sophomore Will Levine said.

  New staff members will start as reporters and if they remain on the staff for one year, they can move up to editor positions during the following school year.

  Editor positions are available in different fields: News, Features, Sports, Opinion, Photos, Double Truck, and the Online Edition. There’s a wide range of opportunities for students to explore their interests and produce creative content for the school to read.

  “You get creative control on what you write and it’s nice to have people read your work,” junior Liam Barton said.