Styles takes on Raleigh


Courtesy of Harry Styles’ Instagram

   Harry Styles performed his 19th show for Love On Tour on October 12th at PNC Arena, marking the halfway point of his three-month tour. Styles not only puts on a jaw-dropping show, but he interacts with the crowd to create iconic moments. Some of these moments include singing the banana song, giving dating advice, and once even doing a gender reveal for a fan’s baby. At the Raleigh show, Styles sang happy birthday to a fan and picked up sunflowers from the crowd while he was singing his song Sunflower Vol. 6. 

   This is Harry’s first tour during the pandemic and there have been some adjustments. Harry is requiring proof of vaccination or a negative covid test within 48 hours of the concert. Although there is still a risk of COVID-19 at the concerts, these protocols help to reduce the spread. At some shows, fans can even get a discount on merchandise by showing their vaccination cards. 

   Numerous Broughton students attended the show in Raleigh and there were many positive reviews. “My favorite part was probably when he sang Sign of the Times with the disco ball because it was so cool and beautiful,” said Sophomore Audrey Williamson. “My favorite part of the concert was the note change in fine line,” said Junior Schuyler Pettibone. One other highlight of the show was Styles’ iconic entrance with the poem Style by Charles Bukowski with instrumentals from his song Golden. When Styles first took the stage, fans “felt indescribable. I felt all the things. I started by screaming because I was so excited to be there but then shortly turned to crying because I realized that he is right there, and I get to see the best person on earth in real life,” said Williamson. 

   Styles not only creates music, but stands for what he believes in. At almost every show, Styles waves around pride and Black Lives Matter flags. “He is a male who treats women equally and respectfully which makes women comfortable around him and not scared. He sets a great example,” says Williamson. 

   With 11 more shows to go for this tour, there is still much to look forward to. There have also been rumors that Styles will release his third album at the end of the tour which fans are looking forward to.