How COVID-19 is changing the way Broughton students celebrate the holidays

   Life has been different for everyone since March, but as the one-year anniversary of quarantine approaches, people are struggling to stay safe and still see their families during the holidays. Between outdoor socially-distanced get-togethers, zoom meetings, or masked dinners, Broughton students and their families are getting creative this year. 

   According to junior Hana Hardenbrook, her family has opted for the outdoor socially-distanced option. “We’re keeping it small and outdoors instead of a big indoor dinner,” she said. This is an option a lot of people have chosen, despite the cold weather. 

“We are going to sit outside and social distance with my grandparents,” said junior Lily Hauser. 

   Junior Rachel Smith’s family has come up with a way to safely enjoy holiday celebrations inside. She commented, “We are getting tested before my family comes over and we are limiting the gathering to six people.”

   According to Emily Landon, an infectious diseases physician at the University of Chicago Medicine, there are safe ways to see family while preventing the spread of COVID-19. Before gathering together, she recommends that everyone quarantines for 14 days beforehand and if you have to leave the house, take all necessary precautions. Landon recommends not traveling long distances before or after seeing family members, even if you have been quarantining and wearing masks and gloves. 

   For people who plan to see family members without taking precautions, Landon has this to say: “If you’re going to be together without masks or social distance — and everyone hasn’t quarantined and limited their travel beforehand — then you’re putting everyone at risk.”