How social media is impacting your overall health

   Have you checked Snapchat today? In today’s modern society, people are surrounded by technology. Our whole world revolves around phones and computers, as well as numerous other devices that are necessary for daily functions. While yes, the new advances in technology are beneficial and contribute to improving society in numerous areas such as medicine, construction, communication, etcetera; but, along with these benefits come the negatives. Technology can severely harm your mental health and even physical health. One area that contributes largely to these negative effects is the growing world of social media. 

   Social media is the key to communication as teenagers. Whether it’s Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter, most teenagers use at least one form of social media every day. Surveys show that ninety percent of children ages 13-17 have some type of social media. These apps can be great ways of communicating and keeping in touch with your friends and family. Yes, social media definitely has its benefits. However, a recent, popular topic in today’s society is mental health. And, as most people most likely already know, social media is one of the main contributors to harming mental health, specifically in teenagers. 

   Social media damages self-esteem, confidence, and increases the risk of depression, anxiety, and loneliness. Up to 66% of teenagers and young adults on social media have a higher rate of reported depression. It’s so easy to compare yourself to others especially as a teenager whose mind is still developing. Netflix’s “Social Dilemma” shows that the suicide rates of girls ages 15-19 have increased by 70% in the last decade. Girls ages 10-14 have increased by a detrimental 151%. On social media, you become surrounded by perfection. However, none of that perfection is real. One small picture that might appear perfect is just a glimpse of what people want others to see. Behind the screen is a whole other world. Even if it’s not edited or posed, you never see the bigger picture. 

   To prevent the negative aspects, have a limited time for how long you can spend on social media. The average adult spends three hours on social media a day, which also excludes teenagers who are most likely even more active than adults. Overall, take a break from your phone and social media.