Anticipation of 2021

    While 2020 was not the year many hoped the new decade would bring, many people want a do-over in 2021. 

   Beginning in January, the year did not start off in good spirits. Starting the year off with the horrific Australian fires, the devastating news of Kobe Bryant and his daughter’s passing, and the impeachment of President Trump, all before Covid-19 hits hard in the United States, goes to show all of the devastation 2020 has brought.

   Starting March 13, the nation began shutting down and going into lockdown. This would be the start of an unprecedented, history-making time. Covid-19 impacted everyone across the world in some way. With more and more cases recorded everyday, the risk has increased and more precautions are in place today. Within the quarantine months many other events were occurring. One of these events includes the death of George Floyd, which caused many riots all across the country, eventually leading to more Black Lives Matter movements. 

   There are a handful of events returning to business in the new year, but they will look very different than they had a year ago. Wake County Public Schools plans to send high school students back to school on a three week rotation beginning on January 20, 2021. Along with students back in the classroom, more sports will cautiously be returning like football, basketball, soccer, and others.

   Many people believe that once the ball drops on New Years that all of this 2020 mess will be gone and life will go back to normal. Obviously this is not the case, life cannot magically appear how it was a year ago. But according to the CDC and other professionals Covid-19, will not be gone in 2021. Though there is a vaccine that is in the process of being tested, this does not mean that everything goes back to normal even with a vaccine. There is only one way to find out what 2021 will bring and that is all determined on the day after December 31, 2020.