Noodles makes its return to Cameron Village

   The long-awaited opening of a new Noodles and Co, or “Noodles”, in Cameron Village took place on October 6th. Noodles is a popular lunch and dinner spot among Broughton students serving exactly what one would think, noodles.

   Multiple Broughton students have been hired by the new location, including Broughton Senior Misha Klibson.

   “I am glad to have the opportunity to be employed by the company. I love the food so much and I am happy that they are back. To prepare for reopening, we had a 3 week training period where we all learned how to prepare the food accurately and with speed. They would give us a lot of different orders in a short period of time, similar to when there is a dinner rush, so we would be more prepared for the actual opening. We also got to know each other and I think my boss is super cool. Altogether I am super grateful that Noodles is back in town and I hope that they are here to stay,” said Klibson.

   The old location of Noodles was to the right of Café Carolina, which is on the corner of Daniels St. and Clark Ave. Noodles was replaced by Cava, a chain restaurant that serves Mediterranean food. Although Cava is just as popular as Noodles was, many were sad to see the restaurant go.

   “I am glad they came back because it’s really convenient being in the middle of Cameron Village. Whenever I was craving it I would have to drive to Cary and it was awful,” Broughton Senior Walker Ramseur said.

   The new Noodles took the place of Sugarland, in between the stores CHOPT and Madison. In its first week of being open, Broughton held a PTSA fundraiser at Noodles, where 15% of all orders from people who mentioned Broughton were donated to the PTSA.

   Some popular dishes from Noodles include Buttered Noodles with Grilled Chicken, Mac and Cheese, Beef Stroganoff and the classic Spaghetti and Meatballs.