Season 16 of the Bachelorette during COVID-19

   Since the year 2002, The Bachelorette has captured the hearts of people all across America. The recent big question among all Bachelorette fans was, will season 16 happen in the midst of COVID-19? ABC has managed to pull it off safely, but quite different than the previous 18 years.

   Scheduled to start filming in the iconic Los Angeles mansion on March 14, production was halted just one day before the men were supposed to arrive. To ensure everyone’s safety, they postponed filming until July. 

   The producers of the show have found safe ways to film the season. The crew, contestants, and Clare Crawley (this season’s bachelorette) were required to quarantine two weeks before filming was started. Instead of traveling the world and spending adventurous dates in a foreign country with the contestants, the show will be filmed strictly in an isolated resort in Southern California. Everyone was tested before arriving at the resort, and regular temperatures checks and testing were conducted throughout filming. 

   The Bachelorette premiered on October 13, five months after its initial premiere date in May. 

   In addition to the crazy precautions to make this season feasible, the drama this year is at an all time high. With the combination of two different bachelorettes, crazy dates inside the enclosed facility, and an engagement just after 12 days of filming, this season will give fans the drama they’ve been waiting for.

   Despite the changes for season 16, America is relieved that their favorite reality television show is back. Everyone is looking forward to watching the drama this fall.