The realities of flying during a Pandemic

   Getting on an airplane and sitting between two strangers closer than six feet for multiple hours is something many people are trying to avoid at all costs. Though it is good to have precautions and following protocols put in place by the CDC,visiting your loved ones in another state may be less dangerous than previously thought.

   A study was made for a May 31 flight from Taiwan to the US, where it was found that out of the 328 passengers aboard the flight, 12 people were showing symptoms for coronavirus. They tested everyone that was on the plaine, and no one else, including the other 316 passengers and crew members, tested positive for coronavirus. 

   This real world representation shows to the public that even if someone on your flight is showing symptoms of the coronavirus the likelihood of contracting it, scientists say, is “1 in 4300, if the flight is completely full.” Planes during this time usually have many vacancies and do not reach full capacity, which is in favor of the passengers safety and comfortability.  

   Many people in the US are scared that the virus will skyrocket during the holiday months because of the frequency during the holidays of visiting loved ones in different states, thus taking a risk by flying on an airplane. Many studies are being done on this safety topic including the Industry-funded Aviation Public health initiative, in which scientists and airport workers are conducting tests and laying out proper precautions. 

   It was found that “the risks of catching coronavirus on an airplane can be significantly reduced if the travelers wear masks at all times, workers keeping the plane sanitized and with continuous and proper air flow, as well as  passengers washing their hands thoroughly before and after getting off the flight.” 

   Between all the information being studied in this controversial mode of transportation during this time, it is shown to be even less risky than the everyday activities such as grocery shopping or eating at a restaurant.