Netflix and Chills

Netflix and Chills

  For the month of October, Netflix has come up with a section for the spooky season: “Netflix and Chills.” All scary movies and television shows will be available in this section to narrow down a search for something creepy.

  Not only do they have all the old movies from the previous horror section, but Netflix is also making some new additions for the month of October, with even creepier movies, new seasons and premieres of scary television shows.

  Creeped Out streams October 4th. Resemblant of the series Goosebumps, it’s a series of interesting stories. Each episode is in a different setting with a different set of characters going through uncharted territories.

     Based on the novel, The Haunting of Hill House will be streaming on October 12th. This series explores the lives of children who grew up in what is seemed to be the most haunted house in the country. Later in their lives, they’re forced to come back to the house and face the spirits that haunted them as children.

  Apostle also premieres on October 12th. The movie is set in the year of 1905. A man, Thomas Richardson, goes to a remote island to get his sister from a religious cult that kidnapped her for ransom. He digs deeper into the island and uncovers secrets as the cult realizes Richardson is not one to play with.

   The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina premieres October 26th. This show is about a young girl whose sixteenth birthday is coming up and she must choose between the witch world filled with demons and ghouls and the human world with her friends.

  Castlevania’s season two will also be streaming on October 26th. If you’re not into anime, this series isn’t for you. Vlad Tepes’, also known as Dracula’s wife, Lisa Tepes was burned at the stake for being accused of witchcraft by the bishop of the village of Wallachia. Dracula has declared war on the village and the fate of it is in the hands of a drunk Trevor Belmont, who is the last descendant of his vampire-slaying family.