Summing up the Summer

Summer 2018 will go down as one of the bests to many students, teachers, and everyone all across the world. For three months, school was out and everyone was taking advantage of the warm, sunny weather and got to lay at the pool, travel with their family, or hang out with friends

  Many people took the break to travel with their families all across North Carolina.

  “I hiked on the Grandfather Mountain Trail with my family,” junior Bailey Anne Brodd said.

  Others decided to spend their time at camp with their friends.

  “I went to Camp Cheerio for three weeks this summer,” sophomore Charles Maret said.

   Although summer is meant as a break from school and a time to relax, some classes have summer work that you have to complete before school starts.

  24 people were asked through a poll how long summer work took them to complete. 41.7% of students said that summer work took them over 10 hours to do. Most of the students that answered with 10 hours or more were also a part of the IB program.

  The students who took the poll were also asked to rate their summer from a scale of 1-10. The mean score was an 8.4/10, so most students really enjoyed their summer with only one student saying their summer ranking was a one.

   Although school has started, we have still have had many days off because of the hurricane. September 13, September 14, and September 17 were all days that were taken off due to hurricane, and the make-up days are October 31 and the early release days of September 28 and October 19.

  Summer 2018 was a summer to never forget and will be missed.