Put the boogie in Boogie Wonderland!

Get infested with the funk!
This year’s Queen of Hearts entertainment really knocked our socks off!
With many new and many returning acts, the Queen of Hearts assembly surely will not disappoint.
One of the hot new acts this year is a rap duo of junior Daniel Secor and senior Davis Byrd. This duo has been rapping together for two years and they are were very excited to show off their talent to the Broughton student body and the surrounding community.
“We were super excited for the chance to showcase our talent for the students of the school,” senior Byrd said of his and Secor’s rap group, Oak City Mob.
Back by popular demand, the dance group consisting of seniors Stewart Morse, Mary Milo Woodley, Jenine Black, Anna Rae Wood and junior Hannah Schafer are ready to strut their stuff on the dance floor. Performing a mashup of songs, they got the crowd ready to dance on saturday night.
“I am humbled to be selected again to perform at the Queen of Hearts assembly. Last year was so much fun and I can’t wait until next year,” junior Hannah Schafer said.
Another new act was a trio of senior Sally Cummings, Julian Baneth, and junior Lee Sullivan. Their smooth jazz sound and soulful vocals are soothing to the ear and got a reaction from the crowd.
“I love watching the Queen of Hearts assembly, it’s no doubt my favorite part of Queen of Hearts. I’m super excited to be performing alongside Julian and Lee,” Cummings said.
Soon-to-be four time performer Katherine Corsetti is once again ready to show off her talent on the piano and her beautiful vocals. She has been a staple of the Queen of Hearts assembly since her freshman year, four years ago.
“I’m beyond appreciative for the opportunity to perform for the past three years and have loved being a part of the QOH tradition at Broughton,” Corsetti said.