Bonifant breaks boundaries

Broughton is the home of exceptional talent and forward thinking, which becomes apparent through the talented young artists in our midst, like senior Ellie Bonifant. Bonifant’s passion is an artform, known as visual journaling, which is a combination of writing and images, normally found in a collage format.

  Bonifant’s work ranges from her drawings, to quotes, to photographs, as well as other meaningful graphics or pieces of information.

  “I started journaling because I was inspired by a friend who kept these incredible journals. I really like it [visual journaling] because there is a lot that art can’t say that writing can and vice versa. It’s a good way to get my thoughts down, especially when they’re kind of jumbled,” Bonifant said.

  Bonifant utilizes her masterful artistic skills and writing to create a very complicated, yet elaborate pieces in journals that she keeps both for school and for other facets of her life.

   “In school, I enjoy taking art classes and making posters for school events,” Bonifant said. In fact, the very posters that line the halls of Broughton for the Boogie Wonderland-themed, quickly approaching QOH were made by Bonifant.

  But, Bonifant’s work doesn’t stop there, she is a bi-weekly contributor for a magazine called Brite Lite that’s in oriented toward encouraging self-confidence in pre-teen women.

  “I also occasionally do photography for a magazine called Sonic Blume,” Bonifant said. Her aesthetically pleasing and multi-platform themed work has helped to make Broughton a little more special, both literally and figuratively.