A Boogie Wonderland


The Queen of Hearts dance is not only a tradition recognized in all of Raleigh for its originality, but it is an event that is unique to Broughton.

  This year the festivities took place on February fourth at 9 p.m. in the Holliday gym. The theme was Boogie Wonderland so the skit, gym decor, and music all had a focus on one crucial aspect of the 70s–funk.

  A special lady recently wrote a letter to Broughton explaining her experience and sharing her memories from 1943. She was crowned as the very first Queen of Hearts, and

this past year, she celebrated her ninetieth birthday.

 Anne J. Bryant wrote that in order to be in the running for queen, girls had to be nominated. Students had to pay ten cents to vote as a means for World War II bond funds.

  Bryant was a junior and only had two days to prepare for the

occasion. Her mother made her dress, and she recalls that it was beautiful.

  At her coronation she was given a paper crown and was escorted by the senior class president. At this time, however, there were no other activities, just the coronation.

  Although Queen of Hearts has evolved since the time that Bryant was crowned, it is still as special and memorable to the people involved.

  This year Zoe Neijna has been voted queen. Although she just joined the Caps community last year as an incoming junior, she involved herself immediately as a player on t

he varsity soccer team and vice president of the National Honor Society.

  She was very excited for all the upcoming Queen of Hearts festivities, especially because of her family history concerning Queen of Hearts. Her great-great aunt, Dot Shannonhouse, had the honor of being crowned Queen in 1940.

   “I was very excited and enjoyed all the performances. I think Queen of Hearts is a great way to bring together students and their community,” Neijna said.

  The maid of honor, Skylar Fisher, sang “Everything I Own” by Bread during the Queen of Hearts assembly last year but did not choose to perform this year.

  “I did not audition this year because I wanted to enjoy the whole QOH experience and just have a stress free QOH,” Fisher said.

   Fisher works alongside Neijna as the president of National Honor Society and is a member of the Food Ark and Young Feminist Club.

  It is no wonder that people voted Zoe and Skyler as they are both highly involved in the Broughton community.

  When considering the era of funk, Zoe’s favorite song is “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder, and Skylar likes Night Fever” by the Bee Gees.

  With the solid theme and stellar music, 2017 Queen of Hearts was one for the books.