Getting close to Closs

Give a round of applause to Ava Closs, showing leadership towards her students in academics and in her clubs.

   Born in Hertford County, North Carolina in a rural community and moved to Wake county to go to college. Before she became a English teacher at Broughton High School, Closs gained an undergraduate degree at St.Augustine’s University and spent a year to be certified at North Carolina Central University. At first she wanted to be a photojournalist because she wanted to make more money and travel with the love of both English and photography.Then she majored in English because she has a passion for writing, so in 1986 Miss Closs started teaching English II and African American literature at Broughton High School.

  To keep her students motivated she tries to be engaging and fun. She sometimes dances or sings to keep students alert and engaged.

“She cares deeply for her students and always tries to help others,” senior Iy-Ana Collins said. During her free time out of school she enjoys reading, cleaning, and cooking. But that’s not all; she tends to work at the Alpha Kappa Alpha female sorority and at Mt Level Missionary Baptist Church in Durham for the community.
  Miss Closs has the passion to learn African American culture and would love to explore more of African American Culture or history. Her viewpoint of leadership to the students is a strong leader has to be honest and strict; know your subject and be confident and respectful. Also, she’s engaged to see her students learned after spending a year in her class is definitely English, respect for each other, and how cultures interact with other.

“She is a very dedicated and passionate English teacher,” junior Genesis Harris said. Miss Closs love her students very much because they taught her to be patient, respectful of  youthful ideals, and have a good mindset.

  Especially when she’s not always right and the students are not always wrong in their fashion, fads, music, and philosophies on life and living. “English class is easy now because of how well she prepared us,” junior Daniel Secor said. She also advises the Distinct Youth Club that is a group of four different clubs. They are Brothers of Distinction, Sister of Distinction, Pre-College Mathematics and Science Education Network, and the Signature Modeling Troupe. Brothers and Sisters of Distinction are enrichment driven clubs.

  In the club they take field trips to museums, symposiums, college campuses, and have guest speakers.The Pre-College Club is an academic club. For students who are interested in math and science are encouraged to participate in academies at NC State University.The Signature Modeling Troupe is a seasonal club and are only active when we are planning a fashion show. “When I go left she stares at me back right, we argue and fight, but in the end she’s right,” Jasmine Mullins said.

  Miss Closs’ future plan is that she would like to try teaching at the collegiate level and do volunteer work at Hospice as they provide palliative end of life care. With her willingness to let people into her heart and love and trust them, the way she would to her own flesh and blood, no matter who they are, “Ms.Closs is an amazing woman who has prepared me for the classes I am taking right now, which I am very graceful,” junior Raquel Adams said.