Talent show time

  The annual fashion show, which has been a part of Broughton’s many traditions since English teacher Ava Closs introduced it in 1995, is modernizing.

   Along with the usual stunning display of clothes from all different styles, this year’s show will include a talent show as well.

  “Students should come because there will be plenty of beautiful, wonderful talent,” Closs said.

   The show was started by Ava Closs in 1995 as a fundraising effort for the Distinct Youth club, which Closs advises. The money raised from ticket sales will go to support Distinct Youth.

  Auditions for the fashion/talent show were in December with talent show auditions more recently. 26 fashion models were selected.

   “I auditioned because I wanted to try something new and it’s all about having a good time and spending it with friends. Plus, it’s good for community service,” junior Allen Parham said.

  The list of selected talent show performers was recently posted and includes Jon Copes, Daniel Secor, Junior Suazo, Alex Santos, Adina Marshall and Ashayna Kearmy. Finalists had to attend a mandatory meeting on Monday, March 7 as a way to ensure the first talent show will be a success. There may even be a teacher performing, though whom it will be is a surprise.

  “There will be rapping, jump rope, dancing and possibly even a teacher performance though that’s not etched in stone,” Closs said.

  Basically, it’s like Queen of Hearts Assembly times ten.

  As for the fashion modeling part of the show, many local businesses have pitched in their supports. Clothes from top stores like Fab’rik, Men’s Warehouse, Versona and David’s Bridal will be modeled. There may even be more businesses represented like The Impeccable Pig, the popular store in Cameron Village, though Closs is still waiting to hear from them.

   Ideas for clothes are taken from local stores and students themselves. Closs will write a letter to the store or “scout” them by asking if they’re willing to loan clothes. Students must sign a contract promising that if they damage the clothes they must pay for them.

   “My favorite part about this is getting into scenes of movies and learning about the characters and all the fashion options available,” sophomore Jaden Lyons said.

  The show is March 18 at 7 p.m. Tickets will be $10 at the door, though advanced tickets went on sale Wednesday for $7. Students interested in advance tickets should see Closs, room 2310.

  For students tight on cash or who just can’t wait until the show, there will be a preview show Thursday, March 17 for free. It will be in the cafeteria during both lunches.

  “You should come. It’s gonna be amaze-balls!” senior Tea Jordan said, excited to try out a new word she invented.

  “Bomb dot com,” added another student standing nearby.