Language department says “Hola” to new Spanish teacher

After students said “Adios” to teacher Stephanie Gavilan-O’Neal, the Spanish department welcomed her replacement: Nelva Fuentes De Vecchis. Fuentes, who is originally from Veracruz, Mexico, began in December.

  “I really like it here. My coworkers are so helpful, especially the head of the department, Robert Andrews. I don’t feel like a stranger anymore,” Fuentes said.

  Fuentes previously taught at Cima Educative, Atlas International, and Cary High School. She currently teaches Spanish ll, Spanish for Native Speakers, and Advanced Placement Spanish.

  “I’m hoping my students’ attitudes toward the language change. Most are taking this for graduation requirements, but I want them to actually learn to love Spanish.”

  Fuentes attended Beneménta Universidad Autónoma de Puebla and will be receiving her teaching certification from North Carolina State University. Fuentes has worked with students for 15 years.  

    “Teaching has always been a passion of mine. It’s exciting to help someone learn something new. I think I have the ability to lead others into new languages,” Fuentes said.

  Fuentes and her family often go back and forth between Mexico and the U.S. Outside of school, she enjoys going to the movies, reading, and spending time with her daughter.