Legendary Ledger

On February 15th, Broughton will be losing yet another awesome teacher. Kevin Ledger will be moving on from Broughton to another job. While many students will be sad for the loss of this iconic math mogul, he leaves with great memories.

  Many know him as the Honors Math 3 and Calculus teacher, but he has brought so much to the Broughton community.

  On top of his many achievements, he also is known for being the teacher who was dedicated enough to come an hour early every morning to teach higher level math to 8 students that petitioned to be taught.

  Kevin Ledger was even a Queen of Hearts during his teaching time. In one pre-QOH assembly, he dressed up and tricked the whole student body.

  “I think it may have caused some tension between me and the students, but we had a great time at that assembly,” Ledger said, recalling the event.

 The math program has been extremely thankful to work with Ledger, and will not be the same without him.  

  “The great thing about Broughton is the community. I started out here as a sub, and one student went home and told his mom that he had a great day of math. The student went to our principal, and I was offered a job in the math department. It perfectly shows how an impact at Broughton can be made,” Ledger said.

  Twelve years at Broughton has supplied him with many great memories, and he will be sorely missed by the student body.