QOH gets intergalactic

Broughton is already abuzz with talk of the Queen of Hearts dance in February. Everyone is already making plans and finding dates with more than two months until the actual dance. Although, what many Broughton students may not know is the rich history behind the big event.

  Queen of Hearts began as a PTA-sponsored November carnival in the 1930s to raise money for the school. A Queen of the Carnival was chosen and coronated in the auditorium in front of the student body. As wartime struck in the early 1940s, the journalism class at the time used the carnival as a way to raise money for the war effort. Students paid a dime to vote for the newly-named “Queen of Hearts,” who was chosen along with a court, represented only by seniors.

  As the war simmered down in the 1950s, a new dance for Valentine’s Day was created in February and the selection of the Queen was scheduled with it. The Queen was selected by the senior class and the rest of the court was represented and voted for by the rest of the classes. At the time, 8th graders were in the high schools, so the court was made up of one 8th grader, two 9th graders, two 10th graders, two 11th graders and three seniors, not including the Queen.

  The new format created in the 1960s is what we use currently. The Holliday Gym opened and the coronation was moved into the gym and was held during school on the Friday before the dance. The Queen and her court was entertained, through a talent show, during the assembly. Now, skits by each class are performed to entertain.

  Many traditions from previous years are still held up by the Broughton community. The Queen wears a white gown that traditionally would’ve been her debutante ball gown, perhaps even her wedding dress back in the day. The Maid of Honor, or the 2nd highest voted senior, has always worn a red gown, which was traditionally velvet. Mascots, chosen by the senior class, were given the honor to carry the Queen’s train and carry her crown during the crowning. Members of the court, who are now 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th graders wear long white gloves to the assembly. 8th graders were take off the court once they were moved to the junior high schools years ago.

  Last year, the Queen of Hearts was featured as a story in Walter magazine, read by people all over the state. It was mentioned as the “event of the year” for Broughton and how the famous singer Clay Aiken was a mascot on the Queen’s court as a child.

  This year, like none other, the theme of Queen of Hearts is going to be Star Wars and the Holliday Gym will be decorated like a galaxy far, far away. The theme was chosen by the senior class at the senior breakfast in lieu of the new Star Wars movie coming out before the dance.

  “I’m really excited to see the whole theme come together. The skits are going to be really awesome and I cannot wait to see the community come together for this awesome event,” said Senior Class President Ella Webster.

  This year’s QOH court was announced on Wednesday, December 2.

  The Freshman Court has five members, sophomores have six , junior’s have eight, and seniors have 12.

  The student will vote again on December 8th to determine the Queen and Maid of Honor.

  Freshman Court: Anna Parker Bond, Mia Craig, Pippa Dunne, Ella Dyer, Greer Eckard

  Sophomore Court: Isabella Devivo, Zavia Dickerson, Hannah Gray, Grace Hopkins, Abby Manring, Holly Smith

  Junior Court: Skylar Fisher, Sydney Harris, Wooten Joyce, Brinn McNutt, Ryan Murphy, Reed Proctor, Emily Reece, Zaniyah Upchurch

  Senior Court: Elizabeth Bunn, Wynn Burrus, Jada Coleman, Destiny Dupree, Logan Francis, Ella Gilliam, Lily Highsmith, Daisy King, Isabel Perry, Lily Revels, Lily Schneider, Oshaela Wilkins-Peebles .

  This year’s Queen is Oshaela Wilkins-Peebles, and the Maid of Honor is Logan Francis.

  The young women have the honor of upholding a legendary Broughton tradition. Every year, the ladies of the court ask a person of their choice to escort them, are presented to the school at the Queen of Heart’s assembly, and are honored with a Queen’s Court brunch on the day of the dance. This year’s assembly is on Friday, February 5, with the dance the following day.