SAFE turns 25

 The 25th anniversary of SAFE, a club driven by the need for environmental action in the community, is approaching. The Student Action for the Environment club first began in 1990 when a group of students went to Laura Woods in search of an adviser.

  The club then started a campaign that changed the face of Broughton recycling and waste management. They began recycling white paper in the science wing, which turned out very successfully. The club’s recycling grew from there. Currently, they are the recyclers of white and mixed paper, cans and bottles in Broughton.

  But recycling common goods isn’t the only way that SAFE contributes to the cleaning of the environment, they also hold a battery, cell phone and ink jet cartridge recycling event in March. This event brings in revenue for the club and provides more education about the environmentally dangerous waste that needs to be taken care of safely.

  “As climate change becomes a bigger issue and bigger problem, I would like to see all Broughton students stop using plastic water bottles and using reusable water bottles,” Woods said, regarding her personal views on the environment.

  Twice a year, SAFE also participates in the cleaning the counting of trash in the club’s adopted stream at Pigeon House Branch. It is part of a national water clean up program called the Big Sweep, and it is for statistical research to find the source of waste in local streams.

  SAFE has a club meeting every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month directly after school in room 264.