Critical decision: window or wall?

  Have you ever wanted to pick the perfect seat for you in class? As the new school year gets underway, teachers are creating seating charts for their new students. Students get little to no say on where the want to sit in the beginning of the year due to the teachers seating charts.

 Students may have certain preferences such as the front, middle or back. Some may be even more specific as to the right or left side of the classroom.

  “If I had the option to pick my seat in class, I would choose anywhere up front. The front would be the best for me because that is where I feel I am able to learn the information the best and help me get a good grade in the class,” sophomore Tyler Palmer said.

  According to a study done by Dr. Chris Hammons, interim dean of the College of Arts and Humanities at Houston Baptist University, he noticed the students who sit up front tend to be more prepared and do better on the exams.

  “I would choose the front because I can see the board better and I will be less likely to use my phone,” senior Katy Powers said.

  The front also can help students stay on task, instead of talking to their friends and going on their electronic devices.

“It is easier for me to see students on their phones who sit up front compared to seeing the students in the back on their phones,” Humanities teach Tim Justice said.

  “I would pick the middle so that I could see the board but not to too obvious to other students or the teacher. Just enough for me to answer questions effectively and pay attention,” junior Zoe Neijna said.

  A study done by Dr. Robert Wallace, a member of the National Education Association, considers choosing to sit in the middle of the classroom one of the worst decisions a student can make. Wallace claims that teachers tend to look in the front of the class and the back, not so much the middle.

  “My dream seating choice would be the left side of the classroom because I am right eye dominant and the left side helps my learning,” junior Jimbo Stanley said.

  Every student learns best differently. If sitting in the front, the middle or on the left side of the classroom works best then don’t be afraid to request  a seating change in one of your new classes.