Fall trends, traditions


 With each new year comes new trends and styles.

  As fall continues and the leaves start to change colors, students know it’s time to go shopping. This year students everywhere are getting ready for the fall season.

  The Huffington Post predicts that the fall season will bring colored jeans, graphic tees, plaid, and bold leggings. In contrast, students predict that the trends this fall will be nothing new, the classic Uggs and leggings outfits that girls wear year after year.

  “Uggs, leggings and oversize t-shirts will be in this fall,” sophomore Grace Boney said.

  “Leggings, Uggs, and Starbucks cups will be back again this year,” junior Brandon Veal said.   

  Many students think that Birkenstocks will be popular this fall. Students love them because they are comfortable and you can wear them with anything. The Loop, an online newspaper, agrees with students about Birkenstocks.

  “This is not a joke, Birkenstocks are back,” The Loop said.

  “I personally brought Birkenstocks back so everyone should thank me,” sophomore Elle Hodges said.

  While some people may be skeptical of wearing Birkenstocks, according to the Loop ugly-chic is in and it’s finally alright to be comfortable and trendy at the same time.

  Fashion is not the only thing causing excitement about the fall season.

   A lot of students are excited for the Netflix rendition of the Nickelodeon show Full House, called Fuller House. The show is set to air in the beginning of 2016, but students are already talking about Fuller House.  

  Starbucks is bringing back their pumpkin spice flavored coffees this fall and many people are excited. Every year Starbucks has pumpkin spice flavored coffees and students at Broughton love the fall flavor. With Starbucks being in Cameron Village it is really easy for students to stop there before and after school or during lunch to grab a pumpkin spice latte.

  “Pumpkin foods are the go to during the fall season,” Wilson Styres said.

  Students at Broughton are very excited for the fall season and all the new trends and events coming up. Many students love not only the fall trends but also the fall season in general and the cooler weather. When the cooler weather comes students start wearing Uggs, leggings, and lots of Patagonia jackets.