White waves goodbye


  The Queen of Hearts, Latipac Editor, English teacher and administrator. Few people have had as rich of a history at Broughton as Katherine White

  White took a new job at Hilburn Academy in Raleigh as its new principal beginning Tuesday, September 23.

  Not only has White been an administrator and teacher, she also calls Broughton her alma mater and graduated in 1998. As a student, White was elected the Queen of Hearts her senior year, the Latipac editor, was involved in Service Club and National Honor Society and student government.

  Teaching at Broughton since 2006, White spent four years in the classroom teaching English to freshmen and seniors. Through teaching English, White enjoyed the pleasures of facilitating discussions of heterogeneous classes, IB and AP classes.

  “I loved being apart of the Broughton English department and loved teaching a good book or poem,” White said.

  White’s favorite part about teaching English was the invigorating and silly, yet wonderful discussion in one of her classes about the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet.

  After her four years of teaching English, White decided to go to graduate school and returned to Broughton as the assistant principal for Instruction for four more years.

  Anyone who knows White has observed her diligence with everything she does. White has a heart for the Broughton community and her work the past years has definitely shown.

  “I have learned the importance of being a good listener and team player. Also, I have learned the importance of hearing information and doing something with it,” White said.

  Continuing her activities from high school, White has been both the NHS and Service Club adviser.

  Through her years as a student and teacher, White loves the various traditions at Broughton, especially Queen of Hearts.

  “We offer students a really rigorous education, and I think that is something students should be proud of,” White said.

  While her time at Broughton has come to a close, she is excited for her position as the principal at Hilburn Academy.

  Hilburn Academy is the only kindergarten through eighth grade public school in Wake County. She is especially looking forward to the extended time she will get to spend with the students at Hilburn because they attend the school for nine years, rather than four.

  “I get to spend nine years with the same kids and watch them grow from kindergarten to high school,” White said.

  She has been tasked with the preparation of kids to secondary learning. Almost 40 percent of ninth graders in this district read below school level, but White is looking forward to fixing that at Hilburn.