Netflix binge

Is cable television going out of style?

One of the most popular trends of convenient TV watching for Broughton students is Netflix.

Netflix provides online streaming and viewing of media, available for viewers to watch on devices such as computers, cell phones, iPads, and televisions.

Popular places to watch netflix are in bed or on the couch.

It offers about 10,000 titles with several different genres of TV shows and movies.

Netflix has grown in popularity over the past few years among Broughton students.

Because many of its shows and movies are available to be streamed at all times, it is a convenient past time for students procrastinating doing their homework or relaxing after a long week at school.

Netflix offers full seasons of television series, so viewers can watch several episodes in a row.

This can be known as “binge- watching,” a common practice for many Broughton students.

“My favorite show to binge watch is Vampire Diaries. I like the action and it always keeps me up late, watching one too many episodes,” junior Jazmyn Edwards said.

“Breaking Bad is the best show on Netflix. Sometimes I get carried away and watch it when I should be doing my homework. It is easy to get distracted when watching netflix,” junior Will Bastian said.

Some of the shows on Netflix are considered classics because they are well-liked by everyone and popular for all viewers.

“I love to watch Gossip Girl on Netflix and I think it is definitely a classic. It’s the first show my friends told me to watch when I got a Netflix and it’s my all-time-favorite,” sophomore Jenny McDonnell said.

This year, Netflix has introduced new shows that may develop into classics.

To kick off 2015, every episode of Friends, a popular 90’s show, became available for streaming.

With these new additions to the vast selection of things to watch on Netflix, Broughton students will be able to choose from several genres and typesof shows to indulge in.