QOH recap

As soon as Queen of Hearts craze is here, it is gone again, leaving Broughton with yet another fantastic year of festivities.

This year the entire Queen of Hearts experience was as terrific as always, with classic traditions mixed in with something new every year.

Queen of Hearts was observed with a school assembly on Feb. 6, a community assembly on Feb. 7, and a dance the night of Feb. 7.

Just like any time the entirety of Broughton meets in the same place, there was a lot of energy, school spirit, and of course, great music from students.

Including student bands all the way to new dance trends, all types of art were brought to the Holliday Gym to entertain both the court and of course the student body.

Many students and teachers enjoyed the opening band, 4 degrees, who played a popular Black Keys song.

Another popular act was a group of students dropping the whip, each with a creative freestyle at the beginning. The band that closed the Queen of Hearts Assembly was Isaiah and the Boys, which received a killer applause after they hit Pharrell’s “Happy” out of the park.

The theme for this year’s dance was Alice in Wonderland with the Holliday Gym transformed into a scene right out of the book.

The court entered through a massive tree with the Cheshire Cat at the top and walked along the traditional red carpet up to their seats which were made to look like a piece of the Evil Queen’s Card Castle.

The skit saw Alice as a senior being shrunken to a freshman and falling into Wonderland. Once there she met various fa- mous denizens of the world in- cluding the Tweedles, the Mad Hatter and the Evil Queen her- self.

After assuming the role of champion of Wonderland Alice and her newfound friends fought the Evil Queen in a dance battle, eventually winning control of the world for the Good Queen.

The skit ended with “Alice” waking up in class where it seems as though the adventure was all a dream. Notable actors included narration by Richard Matkins, Leah Greene as the Evil Queen, and Jabar Zalal as the show stealing caterpillar.

“My favorite part of the skit was when the caterpillar became a butterfly,” sophomore Eliza Krause said.

This year the court was made up of an extraordinary group of females, as always.

The Queen of Hearts was Abbey Bugger, who was escorted by Philip Cave. The Maid of Honor was Diona Payne who was escorted by Eli White. Bugger is a Caps Class Buddy and highly regarded member of the Broughton Color Guard.

The dance itself was extraordinary, featuring the Raleigh based, self-proclaimedly international band, the 919. Their live music rocked the house, which is why everyone at the dance was sure to have had a great time, dancing with their date or just chatting with friends.

“I really like the band, I thought they were very diverse and especially enjoyed the lead singer, she sure could sing,” Freshman Kyle Ehlers said.

The Queen of Hearts dance and festivities came to Broughton in the 1940s .