Changing temperatures

   Many students are very excited about the winter weather, so that they can play in the snow and get to miss school. On January 2nd, Wake County Public Schools System issued a two hour delay and school started at 9:25 and on January 3rd, they issued a two hour early release and school ended at 12:18. Since students were still at school for the majority of the day, a make-up does not get scheduled. However on January 4th and January 5th, school was cancelled due to the snow and ice and the make up days are officially scheduled for Monday, January 22nd and Monday, February 19th.

“I hope we have lots of snow days because then we get to miss school and I get to sled in the snow,” freshman Mila Lopez said.

  Although many students at Broughton love snow days, the consequence is having to make-up the school days at a different time. The next few make-up days in order are March 29th, which takes a day away from spring break and June 11th, which takes a day away from summer vacation.

  The other make-up days scheduled are June 12th, April 21st, and April 4th-6th.

  Students at Broughton get ready for the colder temperatures in all different kind of ways and many are excited for the frosty period of the year.

  From October to November, the temperature became tremendously cooler. During the winter coats and scarfs start to emerge. In October, the weather was mostly in the high 70’s, but as November and December progressed, the temperature started to reach the 20’s and 30’s.

  Many students at Broughton have different ways to prepare for the chilly time of the year. Lots of people decided to start bringing out their warmer clothes.

  “I get my winter coat out of my closet and start to wear it to school,” junior James Cramer said.

  Others decide to get cozy and warm up when they get home from a long day at school.

  “I turn on the fireplace when I get home from school, and make a cup of hot chocolate,” sophomore Campbell Hayes said.

  Many juniors and seniors have a car and drive to school in the morning. Generally, when students cars are in the garage or outside, the car will match the temperature outside and become extremely chilly, but some upperclassmen have some ways to make sure that their ride in the morning is nice and snug.

  “I wake up extra early in the morning and turn the heat on in my car, so my ride to school is more enjoyable. I also turn on my seat warmers to make sure I am not cold in my card,” junior Brianna Pineda said.

  The Farmer’s Almanac projects North Carolina will have a chilly, wet and white winter for the rest of the year and the start of the 2018 year. This year’s winter is projected to be colder than last year’s temperatures, which may give us a frosty, crisp season.