Tips for seniors

There are a mix of emotions as the Class of 2018 begins the new school year. A lot of students feel the excitement of getting accepted into colleges and finally graduating from high school. However, as senioritis hits, this can be a stressful and unorganized time for many students.
One way to stay organized is to keep a notebook specifically for college planning. Write out a list of important to-do items and due dates in order to keep up with everything and not risk leaving things to the last minute. Keeping a notebook can be helpful and reduces the overwhelming feeling of planning for the year ahead.
Make a list of prospective colleges, application deadlines (early or regular decision), and scholarships. Begin working on college essays and asking teachers for recommendation letters. Check to see whether the colleges you’re applying to use the Common Application, CFNC, or their own application system.
You also need to know upcoming SAT, SAT Subject Test, and ACT test dates. Many schools will accept tests even after you send in your application. Some schools recommend taking subject tests, depending on the major you choose.
CFNC has also announced College Application Month which will be ongoing from October 30th to November 24th. They will assist students in filling out the FAFSA form, residency information, and college applications.
Make sure that you are not neglecting your schoolwork. Although it is a busy year, it is no excuse for not keeping up with homework and tests/projects. Colleges still look at senior year grades.
Be mindful of any absences this year. In order to get a senior exam exemption, students are only allowed 3 excused absences if they have an A in the class, 2 excused absences if they have a B in the class, and 1 excused absence if they have a C in the class. In order to get exempt from exams, they must turn in all community service hours by March 2, 2018.
Senior dues of $40 must be turned in by October 13, 2017. They cover the cost of all senior events this year including Graduation (cap, gown, tassel, and diploma cover).
Most importantly, remember to take care of yourselves. In order to have a successful year, it’s important to get plenty of sleep, maintain a good diet, and exercise. Take time for friends, family, and hobbies. Do not hesitate to ask for help when needed and make the most of this year.