Pocket Points

A new app, called Pocket Points, could solve one of the biggest issues going on in classrooms throughout the country. Two average college students, Rob Richardson and Mitch Gardner, came up with the idea while sitting in the back of a class lecture at California State University, and seeing all of their classmates off task and on their phone. Brainstorming for an idea, Richardson and Gardner struck gold.
The app is one of the fastest growing in the past few years and is easy to work. Simply open up the app while on campus and hit the power-off button on your phone; just like that, you’re earning points to get free food.The app has recently swept through the halls of Broughton and is already making an impact in class. Some kids are hoping to use the app to help their focus while in class and stop the urge to reach for that pocket and text their friends.
“The app is very cool, it keeps me off my phone and helps me stay on task in class. I have had issues with going on my phone in class and I’m hoping this can resolve my problem” sophomore Campbell Nixon said.
There are some people who disagree.
“The app is cool and should help kids out, but I just don’t get the reason of rewarding kids for something that they should already be doing” sophomore Odin Minneman said.
The app is on the rise and is hoping to expand their list of partners in the near future.