High school hit

Broughton is breaking free from the status quo in its own presentation of the classic High School Musical movie presented April 14-16 in the Diane Payne Auditorium.

  Senior Tex Lindsey starred as the basketball star Troy Bolton and junior Sarah Mueller starred as Gabriella Montez. Junior Carly Grissom and senior Bryan Bunch starred as the fantastic sibling duet.

  “I saw the musical Friday night and it was just as good as I imagined it.  Everyone was great and Broughton put on a really good High School Musical. My favorite part was when Ryan asked a girl to prom on stage,” sophomore Grace Boney said.

  High School Musical tells the story of how a basketball star, Troy Bolton, and a smart, pretty girl, Gabriella Montez, fall in love over vacation and end up going to the same school where they turn the school inside out by doing what they love–singing–and ignoring the status quo.

  Musical teaches kids that you don’t have to conform to a certain group. High School Musical lets kids be who they want to be and do what they love to do without being criticized by their peers.

  Troy and Gabriella change the dynamics of the school when they decide to interact with people other than those within their one social group.

  “I loved High School Musical at Broughton! Troy and Gabriella were both amazing singers and I wish I could go see it again,” freshman Emma Brooks said.

  “Ms. Darbus was my favorite.  She was really good and funny. I liked the part when she came out in the beginning to tell the audience that they weren’t allowed to sing along. I was really mad at first but it was so good that I didn’t care,” sophomore Christian Acree said.

  Ms. Darbus was played by senior Emma Rossetti.

  The story line was mainly the same as the movie, except for a few minor details. The cast added a song between Troy and Gabriella called ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You’ and they started the musical with a flashback to when Troy and Gabriella met instead of starting the musical with them actually meeting.

  Audience members weren’t allowed to sing along to the musical because the cast added their own twist to the songs and the dance routines.

  “It was nice to see a change in beat of the songs and dances, it kept me excited for the next songs,” sophomore Meredith Brown said.

  Broughton students were overall very pleased with Broughton’s production of Disney’s High School Musical. Many students grew up watching the High School Musical movies and seeing them performed by their own peers was amazing.