One Acts

January 13th and 14th, the Broughton Theater Department will be putting on their annual One Acts performance. The Acts will be put on in the Diane Payne Auditorium at 7:00 pm. Tickets will be $5.


Every year One Acts is comprised of four separate stories each told within one act, as opposed to a normal play, where a story is usually told in 2 to 4 acts. One Acts are traditionally student directed and occasionally student written. This year, an audience member can expect to learn about a woman’s perspective on cigarettes, a bear stuck in a tree, marriage counseling, and what happens when two guys think the world is going to end.


The first act, 10,000 Cigarettes, discusses the issue of smoking cigarettes from the perspective of a smoker.

“It’s pretty unique in the sense that we finish each other’s lines. It’s kind of like four different sides to one person talking, but it gets pretty deep at a few points, which I think is pretty fun to perform,” said junior and 10,000 Cigarettes actor, Michelle Cole.  


The second, A Duet for Bear and Dog, follows a conversation between a trapped bear and a spoiled dog. The play also features the dog’s owner, a flirty Russian woman, and two wildlife biologists.

“It’s fun, funny and occasionally a little wacky. It will definitely be an entertaining event,” said junior Ellie Bonifant, who will be taking the stage as the bear.


The third, Pillow Talk, tells the story of a troubled married couple who decide to try marriage counseling, only to find that their counselors might have even more problems than they do.

“People should come see ‘Pillow Talk’ because of the screaming, the fighting and the insane amount of times all of the actors are hit with a large pillow,” said Pillow Talk actor, Carlee Crawford.


The final act, Reverse Evolution, tells the tale of two roommates, their belief that a nuclear bomb is going to detonate soon, and their preparation for such an event.

“Everyone should come see this one act because Max Clingroth is in it. I love that kid,” said senior and Reverse Evolution co-director, Justin Do.


“[One Acts] are pretty tight. I recommend going to see them. They’re very entertaining. Will you walk away happy? I don’t know. Will you walk away sad? I don’t know, but you will be entertained.” Said senior, and former One Act star, Taliesin Auten.