Listen to your heart

   Fourteen groups for the fourteenth of February made Valentine’s Day extra special here at Broughton. Each performance had its own unique flare with a large range of music styles.     Matthias Reynolds’ and Aiden Reed’s of Guitar Bois played guitars in their rendition of “Accidentally in Love”, and The Spicy Chicken Tenors sang “For the Longest Time” a capella, Pitch Perfect style, while others sang along to some catchy tunes with some creative choreography.

   Song-a-grams can be bought for a special someone, but more often than not they are purchased for friends and even some teachers. At a low price of one for three dollars or two for five, many students bought lots to ensure they have a day full of music. 

   The groups were as follows: Da Boyz – “I Want It That Way” (Rani Ghosal, Stella Gourley, Dailey Nottingham, Lauren Doyle, Maddie Gyurek), TK4L – “When I See You” (Khalila Kanu, Tashani Jones), Thugs with Soul – “You” (Diyana Johnson, Daisa McMillen, Charisma Sumpter, Hailey Costan, Jordan Gooch), The 4 Heart Beatz – “Let Me Love You” (Timothy Johnson II, Que Robinson, Damian Ford, Nyle Gaines), Guitar Bois – “Accidentally In Love” (Matthias Reynolds, Aidan Reed), Stereo Boiz – “Stereo Hearts” (Jade Demps, Lillian Bigsby, Megan Lassiter, Sydney Daniels, Charlaine Ayitevie), Saucy 5ive – “Mrs. Right” (Megan Warren, Jada Williams, Vanessa Anthony, Cristina Rogers, Kennedy High), Shallow Water Singers – “I Want It That Way” (Sam Lucchese, Braden Beasen, Ridge Masserelli, Ethan Kepka, Joseph Duncan), Boyz 2 Better Men – “One Time” (Worth Warner, Judah Brown, Ben Gilbert, Sutton Lasso, Caleb Veal, Terrence McCallen), Big Time Rush – “Mashup” (Kysean Lyons, Thomas Dixon, Elijah Davis, Kumur Murall). 

   Many of the groups had creative group names, including a group made up entirely of members of the Broughton football team. 

   “We got the inspiration from playing football. Coach Dawson’s motto is ‘Changing the world by teaching young boys to be good men.’ So we used the boy band BoyzIIMen and changed it to fit our group, making us Boyz2BetterMen,” said junior Ben Gilbert.  

   A long time Broughton tradition, Song-a-grams has definitely evolved with the everchanging times. Previously a more romantic gesture, it has since evolved into something much more lighthearted and fun, with groups singing along to country songs and classic pop songs about love. 

   Freshman, who had no expectations of this Broughton tradition, were not disappointed by the stellar performances. 

   “I thought they were fun and lighthearted. They were very funny, and when you were actually getting one it was very embarrassing,” said freshman Sasha Degroff.

   Other students who had seen previous years’ performances were able to compare this year’s to the ones prior. 

   “Song-a-grams are a great distraction from everyday class, and whether they’re good or silly they’re always entertaining,” said sophomore Leah Stein.