Kinkaid takes teacher of the year


Photo by Marc Ridel

  Every school year, a teacher gets crowned, Broughton Teacher of the Year. Broughton gives out this annual award to a well deserving teacher that replicates a great teacher and co-worker.

  This year’s winner was Jodie Kinkaid. Kinkaid was born in the small city of Maumee, Ohio and is a huge supporter of the Ohio State Buckeyes. Kinkaid, a well respected and experienced teacher, has been teaching for sixteen years. She is a well known figure around Broughton and is stationed in the basement, where she teaches math.

  “I will not be going to Disney World,” Kinkaid said.

  In regard to her sixteen years of teaching, she described her time as “rewarding” and “exhausting.”

  “It is a job that allows you to evolve” Kinkaid said.

  Kinkaid is heavily involved within Broughton, especially with the athletic program. She acts as the Broughton academic advisor for our student athletes here on campus (If you’ve seen “Last Chance U,” Ms. Kinkaid is similar to Miss Brittany).

  She makes regular checks on students grades, runs and maintains websites and social media for sports teams, and regulates athletic awards.

  Her love and passion for Ohio State and their football program has influenced her to take part in our own football program. She is constantly at study hall, practices, and games helping our football players with any necessities they may need.

  Kinkaid is an extremely humble teacher here at Broughton and does not like to talk about herself.

“Ms Kinkaid is an amazing source of educational enrichment, and a student who doesn’t like math, she opens my mind to critical and deeper thinking,” Rashaun Holley said.

  Kinkaid, who will be honored by the student body and the whole school this year felt the need to use her platform for all, and to help influence others to do their best. she states

  “I get the honor everyday to work with a group of people who want to make a difference, not everyone works in an environment with this much respect and support to change peoples lives, people go to work to collect checks, we do much more,” Kinkaid said.