For the month of November, English teacher Ava Closs is hosting scholarship-a-thons every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. in room 1310. Students who attend sessions have the chance to apply for as many scholarships as they want. If they are in need of help with applying or writing essays, Closs will be available to help.

  Students should be thinking of applying for scholarships as early as junior year. Many juniors already have a good idea about which college they want to apply to, and what they want to major in. Planning out the money for college now will save them from worrying about it later.

  “For scholarship or FAFSA money, it’s first come, first serve. The earlier the application is filled out, the higher the chance there is that they can get money,” Closs said.

  Scholarships are posted monthly on the Scholarship Bulletins, which are found on the Broughton Student Services website. Colleges also have information on their websites, and fraternities and sororities also offer help. Other resources at Broughton are available, like guidance counselors, the head of the guidance resource center, John Rudder, and even teachers.

  Senior Menaja Dickens stresses the importance of scholarships for students.

  “It helps students, especially those with low income, and gives them an opportunity to get money for tuition. Ultimately, it really helps you do what you want to do in life,” Dickens said.