Wade Edwards Learning Lab makes WELL-rounded students

The Wade Edwards Learning Lab occupies an old building directly across from Broughton.

To many students, the WELL is an after school place of study providing a computer lab, tutors and classes.

To others, the WELL plays a tribute to Wade Edwards, a well-loved individual who charmed teachers, friends, family and even Hilary Clinton back in 1996 when he was only sixteen. Edwards, a Broughton student who was also the son of 2008 Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, died in a car accident on the way to the beach. His Jeep Grand Cherokee flipped. His seat belt was on, he wasn’t under any type of substance or neglect of the road.

Providing for students since 1997, the WELL’s primary operation is to contribute an outlet for students to learn and excel.

Currently, the WELL has many classes, programs and services for students. The WELL is open every school day from 2:15p.m. to 6p.m. “Just Teens Talk” is an example of one the classes at the WELL that happens every Thursday at 3:30p.m. During “Just Teens Talk”, students speak with psychologist Valerie Harris on topics like bullying, grades, creativity, peer relations, and life after high school. In addition, the WELL collaborates with Raleigh Tutoring to provide ACT/SAT prep, and homework management. “The WELL is committed to helping students succeed academically and giving them opportunities to enrich their lives” said James Wallace, a WELL tutor, “It’s a wonderful place.” Other classes administered by the WELL involve developing life skills, adult computer classes and “WELL Service Warriors” organized to promote community service among high schoolers. Another way the WELL gets Broughton involved is through Link2Learn, a program developed to have students teach senior citizens computer skills over a four week period.

“We have a series entitled WELL-Rounded Series. It provides an enrichment opportunity on the whole student. We have guest speakers that range from various topics like financialliteracy,studyskills, healthy relationships, and more”, said academic services manager Rebekah Dixon. The WELL is an easily accessible resource for all students after school. Providing students with opportunities free of charge is the WELL’s mission. The WELL is closed on Saturday and Sunday, and from December 22 to January 4 during winter break. Classes like the IB programme’s Theory of Knowledge have used the lab in the past to register for tests and hold classes. The WELL offers tutors, guest speakers and a computer lab.