Tech takes team to next level

Noahs interface tracks arc of balls and consistency

Ryan Haar

Noah’s interface tracks arc of balls and consistency

Ryan Haar, Online Editor


“building the perfect arc”

Innovative sports technology is changing the way sports are being played. Through the recent purchase of such a system by Broughton’s volleyball team, gadgets used by the pros might be closer to home than one would think.

The machine is called Noah, and its name accurately describes its function: “building the perfect arc.” Noah Select is a product made initially for the use of basketball. The small free standing machine uses a camera to rapidly take pictures of a shot, set, or pass and then measures the arc of the ball released from a shooters, setters, or passers hands, and locates its dropping point.

“Noah is a great tool that is really going to help improve the accuracy and consistency of our setters,” assistant varsity volleyball coach, Traci Smith, said.

The $6,000 technology was created by Stanford University and is used by many collegiate basketball and volleyball teams. Few high schools across the country own a Noah Select, and Broughton is now one of them.

Noah Select tracks consistency, improvement, and growth of players, which is crucial to the improvement of overall performance. Before and after arc plots testify the benefits of this technology.

“It helps or setters become way more consistent. That makes our hitters more successful and we are able to run a better offense, which is a vital factor in winning,” freshman varsity volleyball setter, Holli Smith, said.