NC State’s Terquavion Smith pulled off by a stretcher


Image courtesy of CBS 17

Sally Brewer, News Editor

On Jan. 21, UNC and NC State played a tough basketball match. During the second half of the game, star player Terquavion Smith was seriously injured. He averages around 18.7 points per game.  ESPN says Smith is to be a NBA first-round pick.

There was only around nine minutes left in the second half when the NC State player was fouled. As Terquavion Smith was going for a layup, he was smacked down from behind by UNC player Leaky Black. Leaky Black was assessed for a “flagrant foul” and then was ejected from the game.

The immediate impact with the hardwood floor caused Smith to suffer injuries in the elbow and neck. He also had numbness in his right arm. Smith layed on the floor for a few minutes before being helped. He was rushed to the hospital after being taken off the court on a stretcher. After being taken to the University of North Carolina hospital he received many x-rays, all coming back negative. NC State head coach Kevin Keatts made a statement to ESPN saying the team and community were all praying for him. Keatts also added that the situation was extremely emotional for him. Smith tweeted later that night how he was thankful for all the concerns and that he was doing ok.

On Feb. 19, NC State will take UNC on again. This time it will be at home for the Wolfpack. The game will be held at the PNC Arena and will be an intensely fought battle. State will be eager to come back and beat UNC, especially Terquavion Smith.