Child stuck in Carowinds claw machine


The boy in the machine, Image courtesy of lootpress

Quinn Eyman, Head Editor

On Sunday, Apr. 16, A 13-year-old boy climbed into a claw machine at amusement park Carowinds, only to get stuck.

This was no accident, the boy climbed into the ‘Cosmic XL Bonus Game’ machine in the park’s Thrill Zone with the goal of obtaining a prize for free. There he found himself unable to exit.

Park staff were notified of the unusual circumstance around 2:00 pm. The child was not stuck for long, only being in the machine for about 17 minutes before the crew was able to get him out.

The boy received medical treatment from the park’s medical response team, the same people who helped him get out. After first aid was provided, he was released to his guardian.

A stunt like this was not to go unpunished. “The boy has been banned from the park for one year for attempted theft,” Associated Press reports Carowinds spokesperson Courtney C. McGarry Weber stated. “The safety and security of our guests and associates is Carowinds’ top priority.”

Images that were posted online by a fan account for Carowinds received many sarcastic comments, including one user who stated “His guardian should have to win him back.”

According to CNN, Carowinds staff claim no incident like this has happened in the past.