Bill Clinton wins game of the year in Game Awards hijacking


Matan on stage, image courtesy of GameRevolution

Quinn Eyman, Head Editor

The Game Awards, a place for announcing and celebrating the best games of the year. In an unlikely turn of events, 2022’s game of the year award goes to… Bill Clinton?

Each year, video game players (10% of the vote) and a predetermined jury (90% of the vote) select the best new game in The Game Awards, hosted and produced by journalist Geoff Keighley. Many awards are given out to different games, studios, developers, and actors for their merit on games released this year. These include best narrative (God of War Ragnarok), best art direction (Elden Ring), best performance (Christopher Judge – God of War: Ragnarok), best ongoing game (Final Fantasy 14 Online), best indie game (Stray), and many more.

One award is more prestigious than all, game of the year (GOTY). This title is reserved for the best game released each year when all aspects of it are considered. 2022’s GOTY winner was supposed to be Elden Ring, a popular critically acclaimed open world action-adventure role-playing game. While elden ring was initially announced as the winner, just as Hidetaka Miyazaki, producer of Elden Ring, and his team finished their acceptance speech, a kid nobody seemed to know walked up to the microphone.

“Hey Martin, you know real quick I want to thank everybody and say that I think I want to nominate this award to my reformed Orthodox Rabbi Bill Clinton, thank you everybody,” the kid said. He was promptly removed from the stage by security.

For Matan Even, the 15-year old responsible for the hijacking of the show, these antics are nothing new, as a twitter account claiming to be him and taking credit for the disruption has connections to previous activity spreading messages in support for the freedom of Hong Kong, including the interruption of a World of Warcraft panel at BlizzCon 2019.

This not only hijacked Miyazaki and the Elden Ring team’s big moment, it was also illegal. Even did not have permission to go up on the stage in the first place, he was able to sneak on while the team and their translator boarded the stage. As this was technically trespassing, he has been prosecuted.

“The individual who interrupted our Game of the Year moment has been arrested,” Keighley stated on Twitter.