North Carolina stabbing at track practice

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   On March 3rd, a North Carolinian student was aggressively stabbed multiple times at a simple track practice. The student is 18 years old and attends Roanoke Rapids High School. The event took place at Manning Elementary school. The criminal was found to be a 16-year-old and is already being taken into custody. Officials are saying he possibly will be accused of assault with a deadly weapon and the intent to kill. They are still investigating the attack. The perpetrator’s motive for this attack is unclear. No others were involved, only the two students. The victim was in the hospital facing serious conditions but is said to be in stable condition. He is now in a different treatment facility receiving the help he needs. The teen suspect is being held in jail. There were multiple witnesses that were present during this attack. They were all at track practice when they witnessed it. This attack is most likely going to cause parents to be paranoid and worried for their children’s safety. Broughton sophomore Jay Rittenmyer expressed his opinion on how he would react to this situation. He says,

    “I would be shocked and call 911 immediately,” sophomore Jay Rittenmyer stated. This would be a similar reaction that most students would have. “I would feel very scared and wouldn’t know how to react. I would probably start running away,” freshman Claire Williams shared her response to the attack. 

   Updates on this attack have not been given in terms of how the victim is doing now, but hopefully a new update will be provided soon.