The truth to Bob Saget


Image courtesy of Wikimedia

    Bob Saget, a very well-known actor, died on January 9th, 2022. Saget died out of the blue, only being 65 years old. Fans were desperate to understand what could have caused him to die so suddenly. Theories and rumors were floating around saying things such as he could have overdosed and no one could have known. 

   Saget’s autopsy results have recently been publicized, showing he died of a recurring head injury. Saget apparently had a traumatic “blow to the head” on his skull. This caused serious internal bleeding on both sides of his brain and led to his sudden death. There are still so many unresolved questions due to the fact no one is aware of how this serious injury even happened. There is a possibility that if Saget hit his head hard enough it could have affected other parts of his body as well. 

   When he was found dead, Saget was in a hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lake on January 9th. He was just traveling for a weekend of stand up comedy acts. 

   Bob Saget’s head injury was so precise that it simply broke his skull from front to back. Since this injury was so unexpected, health experts said it is highly unlikely that Saget would have intentionally ignored it. There were no other parts of Saget’s body that were or have been previously injured, therefore his head injury was the reason for his passing. Saget did take some form of Clonazepam, a medication used to prevent panic attacks and seizures. Experts also found antidepressants in his system meaning that, although these are not indicators of his death, they could have caused him to feel sleepy and possibly cause him to fall.