UNC Lawsuit


The University of North Carolina. Photo courtesy of UNC

   It was recently ruled that the University of North Carolina at Chapel-Hill did not discriminate against any race during their admissions process. Dating back to 2014, UNC has been accused of discriminating against White and Asian Americans during the admissions process and employing racial preferences in their decisions. 

   The group, titled “Students for Fair Admissions,” originally accused the university of unfairly using race as a factor in the undergraduate admissions policy. Students for Fair Admissions is a nonprofit membership group of about 20,000 people who believe that racial preferences in college admissions are unconstitutional. “We believe that the documents, emails, data analysis, and depositions SFFA presented at trial compellingly revealed UNC’s systematic discrimination against non-minority applicants,” said SFFA President Edward Blum.  

   According to UNC’s website, the incoming class was 65 percent White or Caucasian, 21 percent Asian or Asian American, 12 percent Black or African American, and 10 percent Hispanic or Latino. Overall, the student body of UNC is diverse compared to other institutions. In the final moments of trial, the judge determined that UNC’s policies are fair and the affirmative action policy should be kept, causing SSFA to vow to appeal if necessary to the Supreme Court. 

   The Students for Fair Admissions also criticized Harvard University’s admission practices. The SFFA filed a lawsuit against Harvard for their affirmative action program in 2014, arguing that they unfairly discriminated against Asian-Americans in their admissions process. However, despite the organization’s claims, the case was ruled in favor of Harvard. UNC and Harvard are not the only institutions under fire. The SFFA filed another lawsuit against the University of Texas, which was dismissed at the Supreme Court in 2016. 

   As the government continues to dismiss the arguments of the Students for Fair Admissions group, they continue to push against affirmative action policies in current institutions. UNC persistently fights back, denying all claims against any racial bias.