KFC comes out with new video game console


Photo via Cooler Master

Image of newly-released KFConsole.

   Fast-food chicken company KFC, in collaboration with tech companies Cooler Master, Asus, wand Seagate, has made a chicken heating video game console.

   Cooler Master designed a chassis for the system fit for warming chicken. Normally, the heat generated by a console or computer would be pushed out by fans, and cold air would be pulled in to take its place. In the case of the KFConsole, that hot air is sent up into a “Chicken Chamber” above the Graphics card where one can put their chicken to be heated.

   The product’s listing on the Cooler Master website claims that the console is “Vr ready”, capable of “4k TV gaming” and has “240 FPS with up to 240hz output”. The only specific components announced to be in the system are “Seagate barracuda 1TB SSD” and an “Intel Nuk 9 Extreme Compute element” containing a “Core I9 9th Gen” processor. No specific graphic specs were given other than it contains “GeForce RTX”, which means it must either have an Nvidia 2000 series or 3000 series graphics processing card, capable of ray tracing.

   Based on the system’s claims and components, it is safe to say that this is a gaming computer housed in a KFC branded chicken heating case. Unless more information is revealed about the operating system used, this is not a console, but rather a PC.