Football: Cary vs. Broughton (8/30/18)

Heading into the Labor Day weekend after the beginning of a fresh new school year, the Broughton Capitals’ football team wanted nothing more than to keep its 2-0 start to the 2018 season chugging along. With excitement about the new squad’s hot start buzzing throughout Broughton during school week, many students, staff, and even fans outside of the school began to take notice.

  Naturally, all of this newly circulating hype did wonders for fan attendance last Thursday. Broughton football fans of all ages from every part of Raleigh poured into the stands of the Capitals’ home field as the team set off to face the Cary High School Imps. Up until kickoff, the stadium vibrated with energy thanks to a massive, rowdy Broughton student section which was participating in its annual “black out” night. The student section, leading the crowd in cheers by Student Body President Mason Wasik and First Vice President Abby Finan, was absolutely vital in providing a motivational spark for the Capitals.

  After kickoff, the Capitals took to the field and began an auspicious start to their hard fought victory over Cary. To begin the first quarter, the team’s offensive starters easily marched down the field under the leadership of QB Gordon Guest and the senior stud RB Ryan Strickland. The Cary Imps’ defense seemed to be on its heels for much of the first quarter, and the Capitals soon capitalized on their opponent’s sluggish start when RB Strickland cruised into the endzone for an easy rushing touchdown. However, this would not be the his only highlight of the night.

The game soon took another favorable turn for the Capitals as junior linebacker Ben Haugh took an impressive interception to the house, making the game 14-0 with Broughton in the lead to begin the second quarter.

  As halftime ticked closer and closer on the scoreboard, the offensive attack of Head Coach Chris Dawson and his staff seemed to be taking a toll on the exhausted Cary defense. The Capitals’ strategy was composed of a run heavy, “ground and pound” style from RB Strickland and doses of short dump off passes and bubble screens from QB Guest. Of course, Dawson and his staff also took an occasional deep shot downfield through bootleg and play action formations to keep the Cary defense honest.

  At the end of the half, the Capitals were rolling over the Imps, effectively shutting them out and heading to the locker room with a 28-0 lead. This did wonders for the morale of a screaming sea of Broughton fans all around the field. The energy of every purple and gold fan was through the roof to begin the second half.

  But this excitement was short lived, as the Cary Imps slowly began to regain their composure and mount an 11 point comeback in the third quarter. Some could not help but ask if all of the Capitals’ early success was now going to their heads. As the stadium took a collective deep breath in growing suspense, the Capitals calmed their fears by delivering key defensive victories that would put the game out of reach for the Imps. FS Cre’Shon Cheek delivered another key interception, making that his second of game, which set up another easy for the Capitals as RB Strickland broke away for a 43 yard touchdown. The team had another stroke of luck on the defensive side of the ball as DE Ku Htgo captured a safety to wrap up the fourth quarter.

By the end of the game, Broughton fans strolled out of the stadium with a newfound confidence in their football team. Whatever suspicions fans may have fostered over the team’s ability to consistently win were now silenced by the Capitals’ impressive victory.

  For the first time in over 10 years, a Broughton High School football team has started the season 3-0. With eye catching headlines and performances like these, Capitals fans from all over Wake County have good reason to be ecstatic for the 2018 season…a year in which we may finally see Broughton’s once stale and decrepit football culture blossom into a new era of excellence and excitement.


Key Stat Lines:




QB : #10 Gordon Guest (13/25 for 205 passing yards, 1 TD/1 INT)

RB : #22 Ryan Strickland (17 attempts for 113 rushing yards, 3 TD, *long run of 65 yards)

WR: #3 Jakym Clark (2 receptions for 65 yards, *long catch of 33 yards)



LB : #44 Mason Hunter (10 tackles, 2 tackle assists, 1 tackle for loss)

LB : #12 Ben Haugh (2 tackles, 3 tackle assists, 1 tackle for loss, 1 INT, 1 TD)

FS : #43 Cre’Shon Cheek (1 tackle assist, 2 INT)